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in on time. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> president obama waking up in the bay area after last night's dinner with the best minds in silicon valley. let's go to anne makovec. she is standing by at sfo, where the president will board air force one to fly, where, anne, to oregon in a few hours, right? good morning. >> reporter: yes. he is headed north. good morning. and good morning, mr. president, if you are watching. he is headed up to oregon this morning for another big meeting of the minds. he is talking tech here on the west coast. here's a look at the president arriving yesterday evening here at sfo to cloudy and rainy skies over the bay area. he is here on the west coast to promote his agenda to make the u.s. more competitive globally pushing for new spending on innovation, education, high- speed rail and faster internet service. last night he had dinner with the innovators of some very successful silicon valley companies you may have heard of, mark zuckerberg of facebook, apple leader steve jobs and google's ceo eric schmitt. some of the othe
spot. >>> president obama fielding tough questions in his super bowl sunday one on one. >> does it disturb you so many people hate you? it is a serious question. >> his message to his toughest critics how he is feeling about his job has changed. >> looking live, accident free, construction in san francisco coming up [ male announcer ] beatrice earned her masters in education at a university with 20 years of experience combining classroom and online teaching. and a 15 to 1 student to faculty ratio... to make learning more... personal. today, she runs a thriving tutoring company that offers kids the same individualized attention she had. my name is beatrice hair, i teach hundreds of kids one on one, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] learn more about the college of education at phoenix.edu. nothing starts your day like honey roasted, honey bunches of oats. the perfect balance of crunchy flakes and clusters, with a kiss of golden honey. delicious. and the same calories per serving as special k original. so, try honey roasted, honey bunches of oats! >>> what a weekend across the
. frank? >> christin ayers live in martinez, thank you. >>> tonight president obama will be meeting with some of the silicon valley's top tech executives. the dinner meeting will be at a private home in san francisco. the group is expected to discuss the president's tech agenda as well as jobs, education and innovation. it's all part of the president's effort to reach out to the business community. now, the white house has not yet released the guest list but it's said to include facebook ceo mark zuckerberg as well as executives from valley giants like cisco systems, intel and google. >>> the bay bridge construction project appears to be running ahead of schedule. let's go to anne makovec. she is near the bay bridge this morning to tell us what changes drivers can expect. anne, good morning. we are getting used to changes these days. >> reporter: yes. that's right. well, number one, it's very rainy out here so we are prepared for that. but if you have driven across the bay bridge recently you probably noticed all of the progress that they have been making on the construction. here's
is coming to the bay area this week. barack obama is scheduled to meet thursday evening with tech industry leaders and then spend the night here. the "mercury news" reports it will be a private meeting to talk about the president's new budget plans which includes money for research and development, education and clean energy. >>> congress begins hearings this morning on the president's new 3-point trillion dollars -- $3.7 trillion budget plan. the white house says it will cut a trillion dollars from the budget over the next decade. it will cut various things from the budget. >> we have a responsibility to invest in those areas that will have the biggest impact in our future. >> the president's plan is getting criticism from members of both parties. house republicans are their own proposal to save billions from the current budget. >>> it is 5:07 on your tuesday. another laser strike threatens safety of a bay area pilot. and we are getting a firsthand look of what it looks like to be flying blind in the cockpit. >> plus, the top bay area hot spots for car thefts. where you have a one in 7 ch
with foreign ministers in geneva. officials say the obama administration wants to aid libyans trying to oust qaddafi. >>> wildfires consuming parts of west texas. so far nearly 90,000 acres. a 5-year-old girl was killed when heavy snow cover led to an eight-car -- when heavy smoke led to an eight-car accident. 58 homes were destroyed and gusty winds continue to fuel the fires. >>> the new bay bridge tower getting taller today. crews will start the next phase of the project adding nearly 100 feet to the structure. when it's finished it will be 480 feet high. that's just 45 feet short of the final height. >>> it is height. >>> officials at the airport are going to ban solicitation of money. it will cover inside and outside the terminal following many complaints from travelers about harassment. groups can still use two so- called free speech booths but they cannot ask for any money. the airport commission votes on the plan tomorrow. >>> protestors in wisconsin back in full force today opposing a bill aimed at weakening their unions. last night police backed away from the threats to close the bu
, d.c., president obama about to speak at the national prayer breakfast this morning. mark kelly, who is the astronaut husband of congresswoman gabrielle giffords is also scheduled to speak. >>> time now 5:05. let's check weather and traffic. first over to lawrence. a meteorologist at my old station used to call thursday "little friday." one step closer to the weekend. >> when you wake up on these early shifts you think, oh, just one more day, one more day and you have that weekend coming. hey, folks, i'll tell you what, what a weekend it's going to be. today's not going to be bad. but maybe just a little bit cooler than yesterday. temperatures just hovering above freezing in fairfield. 34 in santa rosa. 34 napa. 40s around the bay so a little chilly to begin the day. by the afternoon still looking at a great day but we are seeing some patchy fog sneaking along the coastline so temperatures probably going to come down a few degrees. still above average in santa rosa. usually at 59 degrees this time of year they are going to see about 66. that's 7 degrees above average. about 3 degrees
. protesters stage another day of demonstrations against president hosni mubarak. the obama administration and egyptian officials are talking about ways to end the crisis. they include the possibility that hosni mubarak would resign immediately. the administration is calling for a smooth political transition. >> the egyptian people expect a meaningful process that yields concrete changes. >> today's protest is aimed at getting hosni mubarak to leave immediately. they're calling today friday of departure. >>> and it is a dangerous place for anti-government demonstrators. video posted online, this is pretty disturbing, shows a police van tearing through the crowds, running over a number of people. and this one shows a diplomatic car hitting several protesters. >> can i see your passports, please? >>> we could learn today whether the oakland police chief will stay on the job. he has been waiverring on his future in oakland since learning he did not get the top cop job in san jose. on monday, he said he would meet with the oakland mayor in the coming days. he has said he has concerns about sup
controversial emergency laws as soon as protests end. in washington, president obama is critical of the egyptian leader for not making his plans clear to the people. >>> the mystery over a couple of riverside, that are car turned up nea "the devil's devil's slide. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: the sheriff will determine whether to continue the search of the area devil's slide highway 1 behind me for the missing couple. this is where their vehicle was found yesterday. they spent a long time last night searching for this missing couple. but overnight, the man of the couple became a person of interest in a murder investigation. here are pictures of the two people they have been looking for last seen on monday. they are from riverside and their car again found in san mateo county, billy and colleen waterman. last night, sheriff's deputies closed down highway 1 near devil's slide in both directions while they searched the area and they did not find the couple. meantime, the body of a woman was found in san francisco in a motel room on lombard street. billy waterman is wanted for questioning in t
" reports that the obama administration could introduce several plans this week aimed at phasing out the two troubled agencies. the federal government bailed them both out in 2008. >>> the crisis in egypt will be the focus of a house foreign relations committee hearing set to begin in washington in an hour. this comes as anti-government protestors in cairo occupy tahrir square for the third straight week. today they are upset over a vague ultimatum by the egyptian vice president who said the protestors have two options, dialogue or coup. opposition leaders consider the remarks a dangerous threat. [ chanting ] >> those protestors getting some encouraging words from an executive of mountain view- based google. wael ghonim spent 12 days in an egyptian jail for coordinating an online revolt against the egyptian president, hosni mubarak. yesterday, he told the demonstrators, quote, this is a time for all of us. many anti-government protestors call him a hero and want him to lead their movement. >>> the city of berkeley may roll out the red carpet for detainees of guantanomo bay. they will vote to
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as today on capitol hill. the u.s. senate is expected to vote this week on whether to repeal the obama administration's healthcare overhaul. that bill passed late last year. majority leader harry reid says republicans won't have enough votes to overturn it. >>> new this morning, teen births have declined in california. the department of public health released these numbers. there were about 32 births for every 1,000 teens in 2009. the most recent year available. compared to 2008, there were 35 for 1,000. california's teen birth rate is lower than the national average w more health news, here's betty nguyen. >> reporter: millions of americans are putting themselves at risk for a heart attack or stroke because they don't have their blood pressure and cholesterol checked. the centers for disease control reports that two out of three adults with high cholesterol and half of adults with high blood pressure are not being treated effectively. high blood pressure and high cholesterol are two major risk factors for heart attack and stroke which kill 800,000 americans a year. more troubling new
that killed at least 17 people. international momentum is building to punish qaddafi. president obama discussed it with leaders from europe. the white house is considering several actions now. >> there are no options we're taking off the table but we are focusing on the options we can take to affect the situation in the near term. >> both u.n. and nato panels meeting today. hundreds of americans have finally left libya heading for malta. >>> a college student from saudi arabia is due in federal court in texas today. 20-year-old khalid ali aldawsari is accused of planning a terror plot with explosive chemicals he bought online. authorities say his potential targets included nuclear plants and even the dallas home of former president george w. bush. now, according to court documents, he wrote in his personal journal that he had been planning an attack in the u.s. for years. >>> lawmakers in wisconsin facing a deadline today to balance the state budget. last night they passed a bill that would strip most public workers of their collective bargaining rights. this measure now goes to the s
another indefinite medical leave of absence. he did attend a meeting with president obama in silicon valley valley last week. it's not clear what kind of illness he has. apple contends that releasing its managerial plans would put the company at a competitive disadvantage with other technology companies. also expected to be on today's agenda, the next generation ipad. it's expected to be unveiled a week from today in san francisco. the rumor is it will be thinner and lighter and it may have new features like a front facing camera that can be used for video chatting. as far as jobs' health, analysts are telling bloomberg news it's unlikely that apple will agree today to release succession plans. how much we'll hear about the new ipad in today's meeting, we are just going to have to wait on that and see. >> thank you, christin ayers with the latest on apple's shareholder meeting today. >>> 5:08. a woman is dead after a car accident on highway 1 along the san mateo county coast. investigators say the woman made a left turn in front of an oncoming suv last night in pescadero. she was pro
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